1827 Cemetery

Added some photos of the 1827 Cemetery

Feedback from our first guests

We appreciate your feedback and look forward to working on each of the issues our inaugural guests found as quickly as possible. Our guests noticed that the two thermostats downstairs would reset to 78 degrees. This issue was something that we had forgotten about. The cause of the problem related to our workers constantly setting the A/C down to its lowest temperature every time they were at the house. We had the A/C guy program the units so they would set themselves back after a preset period of time. We are taking this setting away.

AC vent not operation in Gold bathroom - we have to find a way to pump it in. The attic is so low in that area that we could not get the vent pipe over.

More towels, more pillows, and more hand towels! Done!

Again thank you for your patronage and we look forward to see you again soon!

The end of August - Items in work

Today is the end of the month and we are working on a couple of pacing items. Jerome is finishing the brick pillars out front on either side of the steps. The weather refuses to cooperate, but the forecast is for a reduced chance of rain for the remainder of the week. Chris is working on painting the bathroom ceiling and other smaller items. He will be putting up the swing rods, and bringing over art and mirrors from the warehouse.

August 26th 2009 - Racing to Completion

A year has gone by since the purchase of the property and we all finally see the finish line. While rehabbing one of these properties it is important to keep in mind that anytime you open an area up expect to find more work that needs to be done. It is hard to say, “let it go until next time”. On this home we worked every item we found. The side porch was a good example. Pull up the plywood and you find the whole floor needs to be torn out and repaired.

Regardless of the extra work we beleive it was well worth the effort. There is not another home in Monticello that looks or feels like the J.M. Henry Home. The previous owner operated the local Lumber Mill and a loot of the items are one offs. the jigsaw tracery on the front is unique and found nowhere else.

We are now busy placing furniture and carpets. Setting up bedding and hanging curtains. You can really start to see the home come together. Pat, Sondra, and I look forward to your comments. It is truly a labor of love!

Working toward completion August 12, 2009

We continue to work toward completion. The hardware for the pedestal tub is due in today. The Queen four poster should also be arriving. Spoke to a woman in Tallahassee that has a sitting room set that I am interest in. Next time I head up that way I will swing by and have a look. There are two electrical issues that are being sorted out. The panel on the east side of the house needs to be replaced and Terry will start work on that tomorrow. Currently he is finishing up hanging the fixtures in the dining room and sitting room. Each has a medallion that needs to be placed on first. We ended up going with fypon since no one was comfortable hanging the real plaster ones that I purchased on EBay.

I decided to do the last floor in the house, which is in the back downstairs bedroom. After seeing the hallway and caretaker room it did not make sense to hold off.

Roseland Cemetery

Roseland Cemetery was probably established around 1850. Individual lots in Roseland are 24 feet by 24 feet. Lots were also subdivided into 1/2 and 1/4 lots. There are several apparent unmarked graves. Maps of Roseland are available are available at City Hall 245 So. Mulberry Street,Monticello, Florida, 32344 for 6.00USD Each. The maps show lot number, location, and owner.
Roseland Cemetery is locaed on East Madison Street, three blocks East of US. 19 North,(known as North Jefferson Street). All available lots in Roseland have been sold.

A full listing of interments is located at: Roseland interments

The homes of Monticello

Just added over 100 photos of the homes of Monticello and the town center. These photos were taken on January 2, 2009, when there was very little traffic.

Siting 12/12/2008 Daylight

Another broad daylight event! While reviewing the exterior paint Jerry and Ted heard a loud thud from inside the house. Both immediately went inside to investigate and nothing was found to have moved.

Updating the image area

Hi everyone,

Spent a portion of the day updating and adding to the image gallery. Broke the pictures up by category and made them easier to find. Created a nice section on the 2009 Watermelon Festival and the exterior of the home from August 2008 to August 2009. Look forward to any and all comments.

Thank you,

Jerry Frederick

Electrical, remember electric

When the home was purchased there were three seperate places for meters. Two of the electrical meters were installed and it was a simple matter to have electric turned on to those portions of the home. An inspector gave the wiring and fuse boxes a clean bill of health and the purchase was consumated. It was only several months later that the problem of getting the missing meter installed reared it’s ugly head. Calling Progress Enery lead to a conversation about getting approval from the city. Approval from the city involved getting a licensed electrical contractor to inspect all of the wiring and sign off. This process sounds simple enough, but in practice it becomes a battle of wills. Every electrical contractor wants to totally rewire the home, regardless of the inspection results. It is unclear if this is truly about safety or money. Regardless, to date not one Electrical contractor will sign off on the meter installation since they did not perform the install work. The moral of the story is to not only get all of the wiring inspected, but to make sure that your house is completely powered before purhase. I will let you all know the final outcome.


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